Persuasion For Fence Sitters

This is something I put together quite some time ago. It is based on some training that I had years ago with Mark Hoverson. Mark was an extremely successful internet marketer. Unfortunately, he died long before his time with brain cancer. Anyways, Mark didn’t teach it exactly the way I wrote this. I took the concept and turned it western. This dialog is a closing technique you can use when you have someone sitting on the fence, ho-humming, whether they should join into business with you. With that, I give you Lefty and Slim.

You know Lefty, you really remind me of most folks. You know I could be wrong, but I can tell you really do have an itch to change things, but you don’t think you have any options. Life sometimes seems to go on and on and on. Right?

And I know at some point you will find the reason you want to change your circumstances. Now I don’t know if that’s your family… you don’t like your job… or you’d rather be doing other things. What’s it for you?

Well let me tell you a little story. Back when I was 37 I started training in the Rodeo. My boy wanted to learn to ride and there were other fathers there, so I figured what the heck. Well I was practicing 3-4 days a week and three and a half years later I won a championship. But I learned more than horsemanship. In order to win it I needed a willingness to follow step-by-step instructions. You ever do anything like that? Maybe not horsemanship, but something you really liked?

So I just wanted to say that what you did or what I did with horses, we both had a willingness to learn. And in this business we have … a powerful product to sell… great pay… a success-orientated network to plug into…. and most important, step by step instructions. Everything is covered. It’s like a recipe of sorts. It’s one big system we do over and over again. Understand?

So when I decided to start I thought about it in two ways. I knew there was a successful entrepreneur inside me. I had the internal chatter of two choices. One was building my own business or two, continuing to work hard at my job. Just two choices. Got it?

It turns out that the choices in front of me were much easier to choose from than I figured.My family was my “Why?”. You see I don’t look at choices as simply good or bad choices, just different. So for whatever reason you choose or don’t choose to join is OK with me. You know I wouldn’t want to work with someone who felt coerced. But I also don’t want you to sell yourself short, you see. What I’ve learned is that it really ends up being a mind thing. You got to attack it with all you have… take no prisoners… just do it… those are all mental things. If you do that, you can really say you gave it your all…

You know what I mean?

I kind of thought of it as what is the worst thing that could happen? I would end up not wanting to commit to building a business outside of work ,knowing I gave it a serious go. I would be much happier and silence the internal chatter. I’d be relieved in a sort of funny sort of way. And… I would end up a little more healthy and learn a bit about nutrition and continue my regular job.

Or the other choice, was if I took this serious and added a bunch of people every month for 4-6 months I could earn myself $5000-$10,000 to help save for college, or go on vacations, or ride a better breed of horse, or save for the future… And I knew that with the power of reproduction, heck, that money would keep on coming month after month on the effort I already did. And who knows, doing that for 2-3 years could turn me a six figure income. Maybe not quite freedom, but I’d know I’d have a heck of a lot more options.

So what you say? Is there a successful entrepreneur inside you? All you got to do is get plugged in. I’d be might happy for you to join me.

I like this technique a lot. Especially if you can give it a 30 day guarantee on what you can deliver. Now you do know, that along with recruiting someone comes the responsibility to train them to be successful. What I do in one of my businesses is we actually have a University. Crusher University! We have a nice turnkey that show what and how we Crush It.

This technique I believe is based on the psychology that reminds me of having two opposing people whispering in your ears. One is saying, “Hey, this is something you can do. You’ve been waiting for a while to do this. Now is the time. Heck, there’s even a guarantee. And the bottom line is what is the worst that could happen. Do it.” While the other is saying in your other ear, “You don’t have time. You’ve never done this before. You’re going to lose a lot of money. I wouldn’t do it.”. So will come the day of reckoning. If done properly, I think this certainly ups the chances of landing a new business partner. Just keep in mind, it is also a commitment to you to assist them to succeed.

Have an awesome weekend.

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