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So this site is going to be based on some of the teachings and wit of Jim Rohn, John Maxwell, Gary Vanerchuck, Jeffry Combs, Tim Ferriss, George Carlin, and others whom I’ve had the pleasure of seeing live over the years. I will explore what they have to offer, and how their knowledge has been integrated into who I am. I too have have a lot of experience and expertise in many things in business, technology, and engineering.

Much of it has been as an employee in corporate America. The remaining have been in several entrepreneurial types of business where I’ve had some success, but somewhat limited and unsustainable. What I’ve come to realize is the bottom line it’s not the hard skills that determine your success. You may be able to build the greatest widget in the world, but if you have a hard time hustling and calling dozens and dozens of people to help market your widget, you will eventually come to realize that you have to ramp up your networking and soft skills. You can not be successful in a vacuum. There is no other choice than to involve others. John Maxwell say that the definition of a leader is not how high a position you have attained, but how many people you have brought up with you. I’ll definitely delve into that subject a bit later.

So I certainly don’t want to ramble on here. It would be against my left brain thinking. I am way too much of a perfectionist. I end up trying to explain every last detail. So instead of saying fun, I’ll say exciting and enthralling! I think everyone knows what fun is. But because of me trying to be perfect, I often put off things I shouldn’t and wait till the last minute to get most of them done. I too have been known to abandon them when things end up being difficult or I run out of time. I am a classic example of Parkinson’s Law in action. More on that topic later too.

On “The Daily Crushers” I’m going to be writing about a lot of things that I think, but am going to really try and move to documenting what I do, both professionally and personally. Eventually, I’ll also have others contribute if they so choose. This will help me to keep moving forward. Along the way I’ll have posts about health and fitness, family, critical thinking, business, character, motivation, finance, technology, motivation, metaphysics, books, media, sports, DIY, humor, dogs (what could anyone ever write about a cat), politics (Nah, just kidding), and life in general.

You can find out more about me also in the About Me page.

So welcome all!

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