Recently I read that targets are better than goals. It was explained that a sniper does not have a goal of hitting the target at 1000 yards, they have a target of a dots on the target. So this seems a little confusing, a target of hitting a target. Think of it this way, he is setting up the expectation of hitting the target at 1000 yards 8 out of 10 times. There is wind correction, breathing, relaxing, acquiring bullseye, and pulling the trigger. How are they going to know how they succeeded? You can’t measure breathing, or acquiring, or pulling the trigger. The only thing you can measure is how many times you hit the target. Set targets because they are something that can be measured.

So if you’re a real estate agent, set a target of listing 1 home this week.
If you sell automobiles, set a target of selling 5 cars this week.
If you own a business, set a target of acquiring 20 new customers this week.
If you’re exercising set a goal of doing 100 pushups in one shot this week.

Also notice that the target has a time factor, “this week”. This is important because this is also a way to measure. You want to set your targets slightly higher than you may think you can do. You want to shoot for 110-120% of your capacity. You will find that you can surprise yourself.

Have an awesome day.

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