Howdy Crushers. I’ve been documenting Gary Vaynerchuck’s #AskGaryVee. Today we’re on chapter number 2, called “Starting Out”. To reiterate what I’m doing, is the book is based on questions to Gary. I am pulling out some of the interesting questions and answers I think are interesting and providing a retrospection on the questions and answers. Again, the book is definitely one I recommend and you can get it on Amazon.

Daily Crushers

I am still working a proverbial 9-5 job. However, it is very flexible and I have the luxury of working from home. So, I am afforded the luxury of not having a commute and a much wider daily schedule to work my 9 to 5, and our other businesses. My goal is over the next 3 years to expand my home businesses, cut my hours, and phase into my own businesses. I am not a raw beginner and am not just starting. I’ve been in the game for over 6 years now. The new year, 2019 has me instituting a new campaign to expand. I’ve been working hard on the infrastructure, web sites, email integration, and training site for my team.

Starting Out

How long is too long for a fiscally responsible entrepreneur to stay in a safe full-time job? At what point do you have to accept that it’s not going to happen. Is it ever too late to start?

So Gary starts with a shocker. “If you have a full-time job, you’re not an entrepreneur.” This may be true in a raw sense. His answer is really a plea for young people to make the jump into 100% entrepreneur. No full time job. He says to stop waiting for the perfect moment to jump.

The best way to become something is to do the work required to become something. Sell, sell, sell. Figure out what it takes to provide value. Learn how to communicate your value proposition. Engage with your customers. Find mentors. Go work for free and under people who can show you the ropes and serve as that point of contact when you need it. Learn the hustle and taste the game. Put yourself in the position to win. You can read as many books as you’d like (ahem . .  .) but they’re not going to make you an entrepreneur. What is it Yoda said? There is no try, only do.

Be like Yoda.

Now this is probably one of the most important points in the book, and one that most entrepreneurs need to grasp.

How do you make your market embrace your product or ideas when it just doesn’t care about them yet?

Gary says that this question boils down to “How do you take someone from ‘maybe’ to ‘yes’? How do you make them buy in?” Gary’s answer is:

You don’t. I don’t try to convert anyone. No one! None of the content, none of the things I do— books, keynotes, videos, T-shirts— are done in the hope they will convert a single person. I speak only to the already converted, and you should do the same.

It applies to whatever thing you are trying to sell.

Apply your time and energy to where there is fertile ground. It might take a lot of work to find your customer base, but it sure beats wasting your breath on people who are never going to help you out.


So, as I said up above that this last question is one of the most important concepts in this book, especially when starting. What you find in traditional sales techniques, is that the underlying assumption for most people in sales is that because they are talking to you, you have a chance to sell. You’ll have to pull out all the stops, know all the features of what you’re selling, understand all the facets of objection handling, when to use them and what to say. And then cajole, convince, twist their arm and make the sale.

Well how do feel when someone just starting approaches you and starts their “Selling” routine to you? You become Forest Gump and think about running, (Run Forest Run!). Or at best you will tune them out. Anything they say goes in one ear and out the other. So, you know there is a proclivity to hating when people sell to you. Likewise, knowing that people hate when you sell, at the first indication of discomfort, you as a seller too, will start to hate the process.

So, don’t do it. Do not sell. You are looking for people who are looking for what you have to provide, you are looking to be an order taker, and you are looking for low hanging fruit. There is no way you can be everything to everybody. You need to target. That will be the subject of a later post.

If you have a ton of leads, it is your job to eliminate as many as possible, as quick as possible, by firstly, determining whether they have an interest or not. We are sorters. When we do this, we never have to be a salesman. We become marketers. This one key point is the crux of my training at CrusherUniversity.com . The specific ways I define a list, lead, and prospect will be a later post too. If you missed the first chapter, Gary Vee – Clouds and Dirt – 01, I recommend you read it.

Well, with that Crushers, have an awesome day.

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