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Hi, my name is Chris. After years of a career in process re-engineering for various corporations in their Information Technology departments. I've chosen to take a right turn and follow a path less traveled. Yes, there are many entrepreneurs, but not all have sustainable business models and can neither retire or replace their full-time income.

I’ve taken the "best" lessons learned from my experiences and interwoven them into a semi-automated marketing system and some best practices by several successful people. I have figured a way to turn those business practices into immediate and actionable processes that increase chances for significant growth and impact for most small businesses and entrepreneurs.

While much of this re-engineering is automation, it's the interactions of working with business leaders, organizations, and entrepreneurs that are the most rewarding. Follow me while we work though our daily lives filled with all the same everyday challenges as any family has, while embarking towards new and exciting adventures in business.

I look forward to one day meeting you.
Chris Kilber


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